Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: Varies with device
  • Compatibility: Varies with device
  • Author: Mojang
  • Content rating: Kidsafe
  • Package name: com.mojang.minecraftpe

A game that has united millions of players from multiple countries with its unusual gameplay and a vast platform for creativity, the Minecraft game is a great time-killer. Minecraft coming out has caused a real explosion of positive feedback since its release date in 2011. Download Minecraft for your Android or iOS and receive a weekly update to expand your leisure.

Graphics - 4/5

Resembling the resolution settings of a 1998 Playstation game, the product is likely to surprise you with time. The cubical and sharp objects, people, and vegetation cause nostalgia for the old-school first-person games of the late century. However, it’s all done with a purpose in mind.

The pixel-like texture is meant to remind you that the game is more than just a building simulation as you can create sceneries, unlike any others. Also, playing the Minecraft full game will invoke sweet childhood memories.

Gameplay - 5/5

The Minecraft gameplay determines the goal of the whole plot. You’re here to create. It involves the player in building, first simple and then complex constructions of any design. A hut? A castle? A spaceship-temple? Anything you can imagine can be done. Moreover, you get to create or simply loot from others your own tools, weapons, devices, etc. to stand out among hundreds of players.

Oh, right. The game is completely human-controlled and is based on a real-time multiplayer where you can interact with, help, or even wage war on other players.

As you plunge into the world of building, erecting, destroying, and rebuilding again, you can open the solo, survival mode to farm and maintain your garden while protecting it against the living dead. Fortify the constructions, build towers, and craft weapons to push back the enemy and establish your own rule over the area.

The Minecraft latest version is based on a multitude of serves that provide a stable and high-quality connection, regardless of the number of players.

Controls - 4.5/5

The Minecraft game online for smartphones is no different from the game for a PC. The controls are perfectly calibrated and meant for a relaxed game-oriented user experience. Move the character by pressing on the left corner of the screen in any direction and use the bottom right corner to interact with the environment effortlessly.

Make sure to check out the settings if you need to set up the most comfortable controls for your device.

Replay Value - 5/5

After entering the world for the first time, you’ll want to come back to it every time. With so much yet to do, the Minecraft specs are aimed at improving your playtime and making it a user-friendly environment where you won’t get bored of it after erecting the tallest skyscraper or flame-throwing the dead.

Also, thanks to the constant flow of new players, the game allows for the cooperation mode, which makes it even more fun.

Bottom Line

Download Minecraft online for experiencing something new!

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As one of the most popular mobile games made for interactive and usable gameplay, Minecraft play online is great for users of any age. Stripped of the boredom of typical simulators, it offers a world where you can become everything you’ve ever dreamt of and create a safe, friendly environment to feel like a real artist.

Pros : Boundless possibilities;
Interaction with a multinational community;
No progress limits.

Cons : Debatable graphics;

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Version History

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition v.6.0 for Android 4.0+ Mar. 16, 2016
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition v.5.1 for Android 2.3.4+ Sep. 11, 2015
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition v.5.0 for Android 2.3.4+ Sep. 07, 2015
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition v.4.0 for Android 2.3.4+ Aug. 05, 2015
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition v.3.9 for Android 2.3.4+ Jul. 10, 2015
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